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Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design


Project programming is of prime importance to control the timing from briefing, conducting soil investigation, topographical survey and the preparation of specifications and contracts. Programming is to ensure continuity and co-ordination of design, and this should allow time for the checking and approval procedures that are appropriate to a particular project.


Various authorities will need to be consulted for specifying services to be accommodated or provided i.e., (electricity, water, drainage, street lighting, road signs etc.) as well as ensuring that planning, building regulations and other statutory requirements are met. Every stage must be carefully controlled to ensure that at no stage in the dissemination of information, checking or approval is omitted and that all parties involved in the checks are alerted prior to the event.


An appraisal of the proposed sites or routes will be necessary to establish appropriate design and construction criteria based on the following:-

  • Existing and future use of land at or adjacent to the project
  • Visual Environment
  • Planning regulations and restrictions
  • Utility services
  • Routing or communication or engineering facilities
  • Geological substrata
  • Hydrology of the area
  • Local materials
  • Condition Survey of existing roads

Alternative sites or routes may need to be studied for the same criteria to determine the best solution of route for a road or bridge.


Standards of materials, of design parameters and environmental impact must be decided as is appropriate to the project, its sitting, cost, programme and social importance. These standards are defined in part by the brief and regularly revised and updated so that the project construction specification and drawings clearly specify all standards. AQGOLA are used to working with design codes or materials specifications of Tanzania / British, or other or international institutions as the need arises.


Studies of alternative materials or forms of construction are carried out for each projec to determine the best solutions having in mind, costs, programme, future maintenance, local materials, local preferences, environmental impact etc.


Feasibility studies can be produced, which evaluate alternative routes, proposals or methods, thereby helping the client to decide on his detailed design brief. Periodic design reports are compiled stating the rate of completion of the design task and laying down the principal decisions made since previous reports. Master plans can be submitted, as an end in themselves, or as a stage in the design process, when the client can take stock of how the project is going and indicate his approval or otherwise.

Contract Appraisal

The client can be advised on alternative forms of contract, tender procedures and methods of measurement or financial control. With the drawings and specifications, Bills of Quantities suitable to the project and the form of contract can be prepared so that tenders are called locally, nationally or internationally by the client or his agents. After receipt of tenders, reports and evaluations, based on cost, construction, methodology, alternative design and detailing special conditions or constraints on the contract can be prepared to aid the client in his decision to appoint contractors.

Bidding Documents
  • Bidding Procedure.
  • Works requirement (Standard & Specific Specification).
  • Condition of Contract and Contract Forms
  • Technical Specifications (Standard & Special).
  • Drawings.
  • Other reports relevant to the project
Engineering Confidential
Cost Estimates
  • Unit Price analysis for the works
  • Cost estimates for EMP, RAP & HIV/AIDS Programs
Economic Assessment/Appraisal
  • Cost effectiveness analysis
  • Scoring and weight
Financial Assessment/Appraisal
  • Estimated Project Costs
  • Financial Plan
  • Project Financial Viability
  • Economic and Economic Objectives
  • Financial forecast
  • Financial covenants

Construction Supervision

AQGOLA provide partial or full-time supervision of construction depending on the needs of the client. Such supervision may include financial control, inspection of materials, or workmanship, overseeing laboratory tests, instigation of special investigation etc. In cases where the client has his own organization to provide these services, AQGOLA may be retained solely to provide technical advice during construction.

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