Tanzania National Roads Authority (TANROADS)

Detailed Engineering Design, Preparation of Bidding Document and Supervision of Works for Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT Infrastructure – Phase

– The BRT Phase 4 corridor comprising about 30.12 Km covers:

(i) A section of Bibi Titi Mohamed road from Maktaba Street junction to Ohio Street junction (0.23km);

(ii) Ali Hassan Mwinyi road (from the junction of Ohio Street to Morocco) (5.92 km);

(iii) New Bagamoyo Road from Morocco junction to Tegeta (DAWASA Daladala Bus Station) (20 km);

(iv) A spur on Sam Nujoma Road from its junction with New Bagamoyo Road to Ubungo junction (4 km).

-The designed infrastructure consists of not only the roadwork that form the busway and mixed traffic but also

a range of other components, the infrastructure components include:

• Busway infrastructure;

• Mixed traffic infrastructure;

• Stations;

• Intermediate transfer stations;

• Terminals;

• Depots;

• Control center;

• Traffic control signals;

• Integration infrastructure;

• Park and ride facilities;

• Landscape;

• Public utilities


Tanzania National Roads Authority (TANROADS)

Economic Evaluation, Detailed Engineering Design, Detailed Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Preparation of Bidding Documents for Port Access Section and The Dar Es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Infrastructure – Phase 5

– The project is covering the following sections:

(i) Port Access Road – Bandari road and Mandela road – (Dar Port Nyerere Bridge approach road (2.975km) and (ii) BRT Phase 5

  • Mandela Road from Nyerere Bridge approach road to Buguruni to Ubungo (12.895km), Kwa Aziz Ally

  • Veterinary corridor referred to here as Aziz Ally – Sudani Veterinary Mandela junction (3.440km), Mandela road to Tabata route referred to as Tabata Relini junction to Segerea Daladala Terminal (6.660km) and TabataRelini – Kigogo – Kawawa road roundabout (2.779km).

  • The designed infrastructure is as per BRT 4 above.